Hello and Welcome.

My name is Shara McGlothan: /Share-UH Mc-GLAH-than/

I serve Kansas City and the surrounding areas.

Make You a Priority!

As The Client

You are Fed Up: You may be feeling tired, frustrated and like you have exhausted your resources. You have tried absolutely everything and may be experiencing confusion on how to move forward.

You have Shutdown: You are possibly noticing yourself slowly shutdown. Your patience is on empty, and anxiety is at an all-time high.

You are Conflicted: You are likely not only in an external battle with loved ones, but also internally with your own thoughts and feelings. Feeling hopeless and hopeful. Wanting to run away and fight back. You are in a never-ending game of tug-of-war.

You have Disconnected: You are separated from yourself and others. You are in survival mode. You may feel misunderstood and have lost compassion for understanding others.

Therapy With Me

You can have Fun: No therapy is not fun, but laughter is allowed. Therapy opens unpleasant experiences in a safe place. I create a space for you to feel comfortable moving in and out of those spaces.

You set the Pace: You are the expert on you. Therefore, you get to decide what and when anything is addressed in session. I am there so you don’t have to do it alone.

You are Accepted: Your problem may leave you feeling isolated but in session you don’t have to be. Vent, cry, laugh, process, avoid, yell, discover, be silent, heal. Whatever it is, know that you can be you.

You don’t have to Talk: Finding the right words can be difficult. Through various therapeutic techniques I can guide you through exploration of expression.

Great Oaks Therapy Center

1511 Westport Rd

Suite A

Kansas City, Missouri 64111